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Well Izzy is still travelling North. I went North in 1973 with Tony. A long meandering trip in the mini-moke with Spunky the Dog. This time I am at home and they are still travelling on.  Last time, we had a tent and we lived on the 4mile beach in Port Douglas. I haven’t been back since then. Today when I went to Morning Meeting Steve was there – down from Airlie Beach. Sarah and he had flown down for $79 each with another young woman from South Africa who is a skipper up there. They are down for the Convention at Albert Waterways which in my misery  I had forgotten was on. So likely I shall do that and deal with my deep resentments and hurt. Now I know I can fly up there and visit and stay in the Caravan park where they work and do my meetings. Yes thank you. Then I will NOT  be driving for 2 days each way.

IN THE MEANTIME – I keep tidying the Cottage and pulling out weeds with izzy’s red gloves.  Laughing about the stretcher which was bigger than the tent and wondering  what we will be doing with the tent which is larger than the stretcher.

Wondering too where he will fit up there in Wintermoon. Steve says that a friend of theirs ELMA who has a clothing stall at Wintermoon had gone in early and put her tent up and reckons she was lucky to do so because its going to be packed out. Steve said it was a Booze Fest last year so this  year they have tightened things up by charging $100 a day and allowing no at gate admissions. Sounds like a Woodstock idea that one. Remember how well THAT worked. I have sprayed WHITE OIL on the gardenia . I didn’t even know what WHITE OIL was until Kate told me and sure enough for $3.75 – there’s enough for 100 gardenia bushes. I have only one – not being naturally inclined to gardening. I took the mattock to the one beside The Cottage and it looks better. I do like gardens but – they affect me like cooking. They look and taste splendid when someone else looks after them. I do however like my gardenia . Kerry and her Wayne gave it to me before the 2 milkshakes incident at the New Leaf cafe in Murwillumbah and before they moved to Kyogle and I have it still in the big green pot and special soil . Mebbe one day ……..






Been away now for 11 days, Disoriented and peculiar. In Armidale now after a great week in Kalang. Not that its really wild country that I ever travel in except the venturing into these thoughts and emotions. One more night in Armidale and then into a flash car for the trip down the mountains to kalang to Kate and IMM. Carrying the Purple Suitcase which weighs an inordinate amount. Loaded or not. Had hoped to have laptops fixed this trip but doesn’t look like it unless I get to MacMan and Robyn in Bello ( Bellingen)

Caught the Keans ( We’re Kean to have you travel with us ) Coach up the mountains the other day and arrived here in Armidale behind Hungry Jacks right on Noon. Very do-able for $23. Only 2 hours and the driver declared the Purple Suitcase was ‘ not a problem Madam.” Felt safe immediately despite Dorrigo being ahead of me.

The Mitsubishi Magna preceded us into town and I met up with Mad O’Brian, Jolene and My little Poppy. Izzy by then was back up north following a succesful Bello Musical Debut at the Federal Hotel and some very good times with my daughter and IMM.