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And the Blues begin to lift with fine weather and warmth and some resting from the year of transiting between two worlds.

This week we proceed with the partnering as well as inviting the populace to Izzy’s birthday party extravaganza at ILNAM WINERY in Carool on Sunday 20 April.

This morning we take the FORMS to Centrelink. The Glossy 10 x 8s as Arlo Guthrie called them. Izzy has put thesis level effort into filling in these FORMS. Three times I have rung the Centrelink Hotline for advice and three times have been greeted with affectionate and understanding chuckles. Seems that they are now all filled in and we will head to town in the Charade and hand them in. Being a Celibate Single since 1987 (pretty much) – I find this DAUNTING. I didn’t realise the level of commitment involved in a Centrelink form. The three chuckling telephone advisors have, with compassion , explained it to me.

I understand that we are now PARTNERED and have only recently had the concept of re-partnering explained to me by the DOS who is now De-partnered.  Me – I will shortly be PARTNERED – in the eyes of Centrelink and before God and those gathered there at Tweed Heads Centrelink Office. This time of the year is significant for me. Mad O’Brian was born on the 22nd. My twin cousins Keith and Ross Carter were born 6 months after me on the 12th April 1950. My car rego is due on the 16th. Izzy is 6 months older than me – born on the 18th April 1949. I believe some of my grandparents were born around this time of the year and often Easter and the Easter Show are on as well.