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byron-na-conv-038Today  stayed home all day which is something I truly enjoy. Fighting a renewed Vodafone slowdown but neverthless – enjoying myself. Thoughtlessly. 

Yesterday when I entered the day wearing the Friesian shorts from Casino – Beef Capital of Australia – I was not expecting the MOOBALL trip. I did, however, take the opportunity of posing beside the sign they had erected for me beside the now unused railway line opposite the presently to be unused MOOBALL CAFE and just to the North of the rarely used automatic LOO. 


Took the chance to DO Bangalow today. byron-na-conv-014

I finally made it to ABRACADABRA. Now that’s not something you will understand unless you have raised flocks of small children during the 80s to the TV advertisement – THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF BASKETS UNDER THE SUN and had said children leaping and singing in a strange Northern Rivers Manner along with the ABRACADABRIANs on the Ad.  I didn’t look at the baskets but they had some nice stuff there. Floaty clothes. I almost bought one of the floating garments for next week’s wedding of Izzy’s nephew at Nerang but erred on the side of sophistication. The Wedding is a wedding planner job so methinks the yellow silk pants and other Chez Elegans 2ndhand garments are more in order. Joanne’s mother mostly provides me with that section of my wardrobe. I think I would be less uncomfortable in the yellow silk up there at Nerang than in the slightly faded hippy floater. Mostly I am black on black with a tinge of purple or faded black. I have a pair of blundstones which I have had since 2001. I almost renewed them last year in Dorrigo but was hesitant. a) because I am really NOT a new clothes buyer except the Blundstones. and b) because I heard that Bludnstones had sent their business to China – and despite the Rose’s delight in having all her clothes come from overseas, namely China( she is only 9) I don’t fancy my Aussie Boots being made there then sailed across oceans wide for me to pay for them to travel more  and further than I have travelled in 60 years.


I have been to Bangalow only a handful of adult times. One was as I returned from my mother’s funeral. I turned off the highway and into this small town where she had spent a lot of time in her youth.40-13-bangalow-1947

When I was standing behind the A and I hall today I glanced up and felt a flash of recognition. I think its the same place as the shot above. Mum used to stay in Bangalow with her cousin Maisie. Johnston as was and became Beckinsale. We had a fine time today and lunched with Jo and Sherif at the cafe on the corner. Then headed north. Got off the freeway and took the leisurely Burringbar Ranges. I was wearing my Casino MooCow shorts which I thought a daring move in Cool Society. I believe it was very hot today because people were wilting en masse. That sort of weather suits me well. We stopped in Mooball where they now have one of the Automatic Door closing toilets which play Muzak while one is in there.  I didn’t enter it at all but Izzy informs that the tune was WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE SWEET LOVE – but hurry up says he because the door’s about to open.

We moved on to the VICTORY HOTEL where we heard a stompbox rhythm and caught a few minutes of SLIM PICKENS which was a real treat. Slim gave us a CD . The new one he has done with Dr Baz. NEXT TIME its called.

A truly hot day. I took a swim when I came home and here on The Hill its not too bad at all. I shall be looking out for the crescent moon right there beside Venus shortly. byron-na-conv-032

Before I return to work on my NORTHERN BELLES Calendar of DAILY READINGS

I add and leave you with this split slab construction at CRABBE’S CREEK. CRABBE’s is another tiny village up here in the North. Between Mooball and Burringbar. The Store was manned bya beautiful young Englishwoman who loved the heat and loves the country. Next door was this very interesting construction. Along with wheelbarrows of bottled wine and lots of local vegies and fruit.  We do not have anything like this in Bilambil as far as I know. Then again, I have not yet made it to Ray and Norma’s Slab Hut just down the road and across the street.