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The busyness is passed for now and its Jim’s 27th birthday. He’s in Armidale and has just built a pickup for his guitar and now he can use the Behringer thing that we gave him for his birthday. I don’t understand it but Izzy says its quite a feat.

Jim said the Gas had run out for their heater and the Gas People said they would deliver some ” next week “. Thats 21st century in Armidale. HIs phone line is repaired after 2 weeks . Country energy cut through it – apparently.

Its not so cold here in Bilambil. Sun is shining and birds are singing etcetera ,etcetera . I do not at this time have anything I want to write about. Yesterday went to Burleigh Heads. Disappointed is an apt word. The Gold Coast shivers my spine with disappointment almost every time.

I liked Lennox Head. Even in forgetting the mobile modem for the laptop – even in flooding rains – I liked Lennox Head. Bell lives in Lennox Head. Not that I saw her but I could see why one would. Easy walking and easy doing. Even with the Pub packed with Footie Fanatics and over boisterous “had too much to drink” at 9.30pm crowds which sent me home before the HILLBILLY BLUES BANDITS even began to play – I liked it. Sandy footpaths. Flat streets. Down a couple of blocks at Lake Ainsworth, the picnic tables were floating in ti-tree water. That was imnpressive. We ate at Mavis’ Health Food Cafe and then later that night at the Mexican Pancho Villa’s.

We then make a Maccing big mistake and head for Bundall. What sort of place calls its suburbs names like BUNDALL and GAVEN ? Andrews ? Names its sporting grounds PIZZEY and SKILLED Parks. And has toilets such as I have only seen once in Redfern Park.

Compare these Loos. One is Murwillumbah and one is Burleigh Heads. I ask you.

The Exojet missile one is Burleigh Heads. Welcome to you all, Tourists. 2 single loos in the streets of Burleigh. Ahead of their time and hopefully their time never will come. I have dim childhood memories of toilets where Assistants charged a penny. Seemed to work well. Now we have the self-opening toilet with ejecting seat after 10 minutes. Totally graffiti-ed inside. As well as being wet with slime and filth as a result of the self-cleaning when unoccupied system. Now theres another idea ahead of anyones time. I couldn’t find the toilet paper. Silly me – Izzy found it in his Exojet missile. Theres a pushbutton for the loo paper. A push button for the Flush. I didn’t find that either so if you were the one who entered the capsule after me I do apologise. A pushbutton to enter and another to exit.

Somehow the graffiti artists havent been out manipulated by this advanced technology and after many years’ experience with the Skilled us of hard drugs – I don’t imagine they are going to be out manouevred either . The only people being cunningly distressed by the Burleigh Loos seem to be ME and other non syring or marker pen carrying people with full bowels and bladders. Well done Gold Coast. Should bring the Tourists flocking.

This is the Murwillumabh Loo. Perhaps the Dingo effect prevents the wild graffit-ing. This toilet is on a park known for homelessness and kids on the loose but it still has a friendliness to it and hasn’t been destroyed. No door suddenly opens after 10 minutes in case you’re not a Fast Hit Drug Addict. Generally kind of clean. At least not Sloshing in slime like the Exojet. This is a real Awl Obda Aebrae Tangs day for me. Seething resentments at the world which don’t go the way I would like it to. So Do divide anything I write by 100 and leave it for some other sunny day.

Because then we come home to Bilambil. And the Moon comes up Scorpio Full over the ocean and the Creek sits down the bottom below the 300 avocados and Autumn is perfect and sweet again. Two parcels waited for Iz on the doorstep. Kitchen goods from my kids. To go with the chopping Board and the Braithwaite Clan is astonished that it has pulled off a perfect gift giving occasion. Synchronised gift giving. Well done to all of us.


Today it floods again. Well not quite yet. But its wet enough to keep us at home and inside for the day. We are booked into the SANTE FE MOTEL.

Thats at Lennox Head and tomorrow night Izzy plays at the LENNOX POINT HOTEL with Scrubby and the Hillbilly Blues Bandits.

The day has been spent at home in the Cottage on the Hill with the rain pouring. Now its dark and cool with an almost full moon.  This has been one fine birthday Izzy.


Home with the Blues on down the Road. Tonight there are 20 PASPALUM CDs ready to go. And they are going. I don’t know how many they have sold but there’s a few. That gave the Blues Club the pre-preview. Last year it was Izzy’s birthday down there and we had crowds. Tonight there’s just about 3-4 people and some of them are Bloke’s family. I am come home early.

I have already wrapped up Izzy’s present which is a chopping board. Jai made it for him from Bluegum . Local Bello Bluegum. He said it needs to be oiled as often as possible till it gets lustre and then doesn’t need to be oiled so often. I rang Jai after 7pm when the cheap rates were on to get some details from him. He designed it with a curved recess underneath where the plate can slide under and the food be easily slid onto it. Thats a very good idea for a man whose favourite food is grated salads. The Board has handles carved in as well and 4 rubber feet to make sure it is steady and doesn’t slip. the BlueGum is a red wood.

I wrapped it in pink paper and put some ribbony things on. And a card which I really like which looks like 19 th century and reminds me of Melinda. Then I made a sheet with details about the Chopping Board. I am not a natural present wrapper nor am I a natural cook-er. I have spent years building a life which fits me so it is with caution that I wrap gifts or shop in Coles. I wrap them for people I love and that needs caution and surrender in the sense of the Passione which is a surrendered life.

So the gift is created. I spoke with Kate and Jai when I was in Bellingen and we planned and discussed and then Jai who is a craftsman by nature made it and they sent it to me.

Tomorrow we dont have any plans. Izzy is disappointed because he wanted to play music. He will be playing music on Saturday night at the Lennox Point Hotel and we will be staying at a nearby Motel. Then on Sunday it is his birthday EXTRAVAGANZA at ILNAM ESTATE WINERY and Lachlan Quinn tells me its booked out already.

Izzy is going to bake his own cake. I am attempting to remain in the Wings and allow him to make his own choices in his own birthday. We went to Banora Point Coles this morning and he chose the cake mix he wants and tomorrow we will bake in our new TURBO OVEN. This week we have been eating curries cooked in the TURBO OVEN. Kate and Jai’s present might come tomorrow. Kate got it in Coffs the same day that she passed her Provisional Licence test. Its a specialised grater so I believe although I have not yet seen it and the Mad O’Brians are sending a cook book – perhaps two – vegetarian cook books and a knife – a Wiltshire. They all love kitchens and cooking so they do.

Mad O’Brian has his present already and Little Jo tells me he liked it. I told them I might not be there for the Poppy’s birthday and that I am considering going up there between the 2 birthdays. Suited them although I still have to check with the little girl. Izzy’s girls are coming on the 16th and staying till the 19th. The Poolside Cabana has been booked for them. We need one more mattress is all. iZZY is going North for the first week of May so perhaps I shall travel then. For now – I wait for the music to finish and for him to come home.