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Today it floods again. Well not quite yet. But its wet enough to keep us at home and inside for the day. We are booked into the SANTE FE MOTEL.

Thats at Lennox Head and tomorrow night Izzy plays at the LENNOX POINT HOTEL with Scrubby and the Hillbilly Blues Bandits.

The day has been spent at home in the Cottage on the Hill with the rain pouring. Now its dark and cool with an almost full moon.  This has been one fine birthday Izzy.


This is getting close to the time of the year in which I first moved here 3 years ago. That means exquisite beauty. Sun rise from bed and cool breezes. It means haunting blues skies and wisping clouds. This year it also means the possibility of Sale and Re-Location. The real estate agent comes today. Izzy has gone for a run down the bottom. In the park by the Creek. I don’t know why Bilambil Creek runs so dirty. I am accustomed to Bellingen and waters clear enough to see the stones on the bottom.

Earlier in the week we went for a drive down to the park to check out the potential early morning run. Brown snakes on the mind and wee hillocks of slashed grass and dips of muddied swamp but not too bad. Iz has gone down in my car despite the possibility of the large spider because his is mucking up again and again has to be hit with a stick to start it.

Iz is back with dirt splattered all over him. He tells me the morning is not so good for a run due to the dampness and the spiderwebs

So we are going driving instead. Down Murwillumbah way and across the Hills . We are going to take some photographs at Condong of areas near where Grandfather John Bell had a landholding and his Brother Norman Bell . We might take a look at the Industrial Estate and Tallowood where a cottage is advertised for rent. Perhaps we will go over Clothiers Creek or down and around Wooyung. Then I might get back for a meeting. Tonight is Bilambil Blues Club. The pressure is actually – well as Madeline says – DEFINITELY AND ACTUALLY – off us now.



Been away now for 11 days, Disoriented and peculiar. In Armidale now after a great week in Kalang. Not that its really wild country that I ever travel in except the venturing into these thoughts and emotions. One more night in Armidale and then into a flash car for the trip down the mountains to kalang to Kate and IMM. Carrying the Purple Suitcase which weighs an inordinate amount. Loaded or not. Had hoped to have laptops fixed this trip but doesn’t look like it unless I get to MacMan and Robyn in Bello ( Bellingen)

Caught the Keans ( We’re Kean to have you travel with us ) Coach up the mountains the other day and arrived here in Armidale behind Hungry Jacks right on Noon. Very do-able for $23. Only 2 hours and the driver declared the Purple Suitcase was ‘ not a problem Madam.” Felt safe immediately despite Dorrigo being ahead of me.

The Mitsubishi Magna preceded us into town and I met up with Mad O’Brian, Jolene and My little Poppy. Izzy by then was back up north following a succesful Bello Musical Debut at the Federal Hotel and some very good times with my daughter and IMM.