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Since becoming the possesor of an android slate 21 on Christmas Day, I have been pretty much possessed by the intricacies of operating it especially in the realm of posting to blogs. My daughter and her 3 year old LOVE it and Izzy seems quite fond of it – but we remain antagonists although I do see lurking potentials. I have achieved a collage ( as above) and managed to upload it. Its a slightly cooler greyer day here in Raleigh. Izzy is out on the front verandah attempting to discover when and where his Gr Grandfather from Gdansk jumped ship in World War 1 and I am at my front window wrassling with the Slate , eating pickled onions and cheese slices and drinking a creaming soda spider.

The collage is of my grand daughter down in the cold country where she currently lives, me up here in Raleigh where its war, my daughter and her twin cousin with the baby in 2013 and Izzy with the parrot of his daughter.



THE Son who lives way down in Eden took up fishing. We come from a long line of fishing people on my mother’s side. The Bell Boys were fishermen in Laurieton. The Son’s father’s family are Fishers as well but neither of my kids had shown any inclination towards it. Eden , however, is on TWOFOLD BAY – a spectacular place with its own fishing fleet and large wharves and jetties and remote and magical corners. 

EDEN , Wonboyne and the Navy Wharf.



It was my intention to bring you a sequential orderly blogging of the trip South. That’s not happening due to internet speeds so it will be my usual grasshopper effect. Back and forth in time. Here and there in space. After the 4 day Taree stay, the Kombi, as you know brought us successfully South. To EDEN near the Victorian  Border.   For the weekend, we had my little one with us. She is 9 and for one of the days we had our 14 year old as well. Family is the primary reason for our trip – so far anyways. Some people thought the medical reasons were the most important but I think not and the broken down Kombi avoided the appointment I did not wish to keep.

Yesterday, we almost made it to Victoria but instead we stopped in at Wonboyne, a tiny village in Myrtle Cove and found a series of wooden jetties and oyster leases and pelicans.

We then turned back to take a look at the NAVY WHARF A rather strange thing is the Navy Wharf.

DSC01857 DSCF9709 DSCF9718



Another interesting day on the Manning. We took the wee Suzuki for a drive but I don’t think it quite won either of our hearts. Late afternoon, we got the Kombi back. They couldn’t locate the fault but they did tinker so we will see how we go tomorrow by heading South again.

I had a meeting today at St Mary’s Church Hall and that has helped A LOT.

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hail octo

Yesterday saw hail back in Bellingen at Kate’s and an octopus down in Eden.

Once again, I awaken in a motel room in Taree. This morning it was pre-dawn to the sound of overseas travellers preparing to leave early. Overseas travellers and the geese from across the road. DSC01083

I’ve not seen a flock of geese living in a picnic area before. Not like these ones. The pelicans walk amongst them and 100s of seagulls. Today is the day I was meant to be at Liverpool Hospital seeing a Hep C specialist. I am glad I am not doing that.

But I would like to be heading further South now. That is going to depend upon the news from the mechanic.


The rain is misting back over and the rowers are coming off the water and storing their boats in the Rowing Club. I guess most of them will be heading to work.  Thunder is rolling about. The river’s grey and still. Here we go again.

Yesterday we had lunch at the TROPICAL COFFEE Co. Taree has some good eateries. Today we are going to take a look at a Suzuki APV van. $17.900.


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We set off yesterday after a bright red sunrise. Stopped in at Hickeys garage for fuel and travel provisions and headed South. I began to the relent a little in my resentment  towards VWs and KOMBIS. She flew along and we were fully packed with mattresses , fishing gear, gifts and all manner of other things. First night was to be at the Niece in Newcastle.

First up we met the traffic queue at Macksville where some dumb truck had overturned. Then a massive oversized concrete load clogged up the new Kempsey bypass. Not to worry . Off we flew at 110 kph on the next phase. Phone plugged into charger. 40 degree heat. We were TRAVELLIN’.

Next thing the Iz casts me a LOOK and slews off the highway with no power, no brakes, no steering, no acceleration.

So we call NRMA and along they come and we limp into TAREE. Auto Elec man can find nothing wrong so we located an excellent eatery in town BEAN BAR. Had lunch. Thought for bit and headed South once more – cautiously.

About 11kms down the road – no power. Slewed to another powerless halt in a no stopping land under the Hallidays Point Bridge and despaired.

So – here we are in Taree. Surprisingly happy considering all plans are now in disarray.

We are also on land that was once my GGGrandmothers – apparently. We just found the Taree Biccentennial Gardens and its Wynter territory. There is a flock of mad geese out the front and the Manning River and pelicans. We have eaten at several fine eateries and are well delighted with the experience so far.

The rains are here after yesterday’s staggering heat. I hadn’t expected to sit for an hour or so on our new folding chairs under a highway bypass but – we did. Now we are tucked in for one more night at the MIDLANDS MOTEL. Fast wifi internet and cosy as. Tomorrow – well that’s tomorrow.

We had lunch at the SICILIAN and dinner at the ROYAL HOTEL. Good people. Good food.



I’m sorry to be calling so late

But you could always chase my blues away

I could find a new love

That wouldn’t be enough
Tonight, I need someone who

Who knows me better than I do

I need just, just one more night of us
What an old lover knows takes time to learn

That kind of trust takes time to earn

Tonight I need someone who knows

What only an old lover knows
I don’t like all this sleeping alone

And how I miss those nights of holding on

Going out of my head, I never will forget
‘Cause you know all the things I love

And you know just how to touch

You know I, I need that kind of love again
What an old lover knows takes time to learn

That kind of trust takes time to earn

Tonight I need someone who knows

What only an old lover knows
What an old lover knows takes time to learn

That kind of trust takes time to earn
Tonight I need someone who knows

What only an old lover knows

Tonight I need someone who knows

What only an old lover knows