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And we are in Bilambil with more things than can fit into this cottage. Seemingly. And we will be looking for entirely new activities and adventures. Iz has finished at AustLit and is building shelves and ledges for books involved in his PhD. Fitting into the Cottage has the elements of my former caravan lives or presumed boat life. We have 4 guitars. 3 of them bass guitars and one of those a very large washburn . We have 2 of most things and 16 pillows. 7 doonahs. My Elmac Laptop is up in Armidale with Robert being repaired if possible. My little PC is on my desk. It would be exciting if the property were not for sale but IT IS FOR SALE. The Linden Gallery is NO MORE. Buggar.

So we build a new home nest knowing that soon Buyers are likely to be INSPECTING and that we might have to move on 4 weeks’ notice. Nevertheless we unpack and arrange and dare to dream that we might stay here a while. We NEED one place for one year for Izzy to complete his PhD -undistracted. Out here the crows squark and the cattle low – especially on weekends and we each have a desk at the window. Our windows face Nor’East cause Doug built this with careful Capricornian thought and planning. The South is protected from the Wild Winds by a bank and stone wall and the forest behind which leads down to the Dell. I have not been down to the Dell. Doug tells me stories about it. He told me about the tractor and the grandchildren riding on it – down to the Dell. If I pause and think about the Brown Snakes , I don’t fancy the trek to The Dell. I have lived in the country since the early 70s and have never been so troubled at the thought of snakes until coming up here. Someone told me about the aggressive Brown Snakes which intentionally pursue Humans and hunt them down. Seems the nearer you get to the Queensland border the more peculiar the Creatures become. Perhaps – its simply the Tales about Creatures which become a little more colourful.

Now Izzy comes hurtling inside being chased around by a March Fly. I told him they don’t bite anymore now that April is here but seems I was wrong. I have seen snakes here. The Slasher was in Yesterday and Today. The paddock below is cleared and the path to the Dell appears to be. Ray from down Biral Close did the slashing. Today he came up and under the mango tree and the jacaranda tree.

We are coming down from a truly crazy year for me and two or more crazies for him. That involved a Centrelink call as well. I don’t like calling Centrelink but I came across a young woman called Kate in Disability Support and she was a sweetheart. She’s sending out the form for us to become PARTNERED. PARTNERED. I don’t recall having ever been PARTNERED. I will be a disabled PARTNER and he will be a STUDENT partner. They are SENDING OUT THE FORMS. Here we go then ! A Uni degree – Masters with Honours and a School Teacher and before I even see the Forms – I know we will not be academically qualified to fill The Forms in.

No matter . Kate tells me I will be down by about $100 per week before rent assistance so we will see. We are now resident in Bilambil. We have only ONE home. This could be – as Harry once said – GOOD.


We ate at A NIGHT IN INDIA for our Farewell Dinner. Thats in TOOWONG that is and it was SPLENDID. Courteous and efficient on the phone. Table for 2 said we- 6.30 ? IN we went. Very fine Indian Decor. Punjabi and across the way theres plenty of parking in the Woolworths CarPark – illegal probably – but plenty of it. We were shown to a table for two. Izzy said the chair was wrong for him but it suited my 5 foot perfectly. Seating is often a problem for me in restaurants etc as a Vertical Conservationist and Environmental Saviour. These seats FITTED me. The table was longer than wide providing room for the variety of side dishes in metal bowls . The water was presented in a chilled brass jug. A NIGHT IN INDIA had the ‘difficult to procure’ banana and coconut salad which disappeared from many venues during the famous banana famine of 2007 following the ‘ devastating cyclone Larry’. A NIGHT IN INDIA is the first place i have re-encountered it . Pay attention Restaurants , BANANAS ARE NOW IN PLAGUE PROPORTIONS. You can bring back the Banana and Coconut Salad. I will bring my own bananas if you like. And for me with my ancient love of Rose Water – the curry cooked with it was a wonderful way to finish one year in Brisbane. Fast service. Really Good stuff.

And now the 2 of us sit here and assess things. Me – I look back over this one year of romance and say goodbye to some things and hello to others. This year I will be seeing my kids and mebbe travelling. NOT to WINTERMOON – the first really big sticky resentment I have with him and its a ripper which don’t go away. He is going North. I want to go North. I want to see the towns I havent seen since the early 70s and the ones I didnt get to see then. But HE is going North with Paspalum to Wintermoon. 4 Old Boys travelling north and sleeping in tents. God be with Them. Cause I ain’t.

And I’m not amused either. Ah well. Going north yesterday to collect the last of the AuchenShuggle – we stopped in at Loganholme HYPERDROME. It is truly HYPER. The Qld Ecilops followed us AGAIN. It wasn’t till later that we realised the brake light rear driver’s side was blown. Lucky they didn’t stop us. We were a little nervous after the Cleveland Experience. Add to that the morning Izzy was stopped while running near the park at Auchenflower before dawn and despite our age and venerability – we are becoming a trifle anxious when it comes to the Queensland Constabulary. I am probably a little more anxious than he is due to GGG Grandfather John Ready having perished in a hulk in Moreton Bay in the very early 1800s. A genetic legacy of Queensland terror.

So the jigsaw of the last year or so falls into place ready for my next moves and I am taking a close look. What do I want to keep ? What do I want to be rid of ? What do I want to bring into my life ? All the deep and meaningful questions that come when a road has been crossed. Where am I going Now ? IN fact – WHERE AM I NOW ? How did I get HERE ?




I am going down to toss the fallen Palm Frond over the back. Then we are going to the park down the bottom for a WALK. Me in My Lynx sandals. I know the shoes I want now and am close to the Bag I want. Kate says mebbe the perfect bag I have in mind don’t exist but I am actually getting closer and closer all the time.