Hi, I just happened to come across your comment regarding Neeta Homes Pty Ltd.

My husband, son and his partner are the Directions of Neeta Homes Pty Ltd. This company started in 2002 and has no connection whatsoever with the previous Neeta Homes. If you search on the ASIC register athttp://www.asic.gov.au, the previous company of Neeta Homes was a completely different entity. It has a different ACN Number and also a different Builders Licence. The Directors, shareholders and supervisors of the company are all from Canberra/Queanbeyan area and in the early 70′s would all have still been in high school. Unfortunately when we started this company up, we did a search with ASIC and found that this name was available. We should have looked further into it and did not realise that we may have been taking on a name which had a history.

Just to assure you that Neeta Homes in Carwoola has absolutely nothing to do with Neeta Homes which built in Sydney or Melbourne. Our current builder’s licence has also nothing to do with the former Neeta Homes.

Leanne Calgaro


Due to the strange nature of the theme I used for THE GEM COLLECTION I can’t quite see how to have such details as my profile, people’s comments or my replies appear. As a result, I am unable to post an acknowledgement of a Poet’s justifiable concern over my posting her sonnet ( in prose form) and without permission. so I shall do so here and in addition add some links to her work. The Sonnet which I used for December 11, 2010 – is a lovely piece called HIDDEN THINGS. When I am at my river’s edge here in Urunga, or thinking of the year or two I lived in Brisbane, the images in Hidden Things come to Mind.

My apologies again, Kathy.Very careless of me.

Kathy’s work can be read @