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We set off yesterday after a bright red sunrise. Stopped in at Hickeys garage for fuel and travel provisions and headed South. I began to the relent a little in my resentment  towards VWs and KOMBIS. She flew along and we were fully packed with mattresses , fishing gear, gifts and all manner of other things. First night was to be at the Niece in Newcastle.

First up we met the traffic queue at Macksville where some dumb truck had overturned. Then a massive oversized concrete load clogged up the new Kempsey bypass. Not to worry . Off we flew at 110 kph on the next phase. Phone plugged into charger. 40 degree heat. We were TRAVELLIN’.

Next thing the Iz casts me a LOOK and slews off the highway with no power, no brakes, no steering, no acceleration.

So we call NRMA and along they come and we limp into TAREE. Auto Elec man can find nothing wrong so we located an excellent eatery in town BEAN BAR. Had lunch. Thought for bit and headed South once more – cautiously.

About 11kms down the road – no power. Slewed to another powerless halt in a no stopping land under the Hallidays Point Bridge and despaired.

So – here we are in Taree. Surprisingly happy considering all plans are now in disarray.

We are also on land that was once my GGGrandmothers – apparently. We just found the Taree Biccentennial Gardens and its Wynter territory. There is a flock of mad geese out the front and the Manning River and pelicans. We have eaten at several fine eateries and are well delighted with the experience so far.

The rains are here after yesterday’s staggering heat. I hadn’t expected to sit for an hour or so on our new folding chairs under a highway bypass but – we did. Now we are tucked in for one more night at the MIDLANDS MOTEL. Fast wifi internet and cosy as. Tomorrow – well that’s tomorrow.

We had lunch at the SICILIAN and dinner at the ROYAL HOTEL. Good people. Good food.