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lynne-iz-birdwing-3-1.jpg We took off on a loop drive today. Its not so easy to Loop down at Bellingen. Most of the Valleys END. They go for miles and then they END. Except for Gleniffer which loops. Here they Loop. And Izzy is not experienced in the Looping Valleys of the Tweed and its been several years since I have done much of it. So we hopped into the Charade due to the Starter Motor Issue with the Star Wagon and braved the LARGE Spider and headed out through Tumbulgum . We took a turn into Leddays Creek so that Izzy knows where the Tip is. I think this one is called Waste Disposal or it might be Recycling Centre. I am not sure. Its a TIP . Smells just as sweet no matter what name its known by. Next door to the Pound which Izzy says should be called a Dollar.

We took the straight road through the canefields and along the canals and creeks , checked the tip then took the loop out on the sealed road back to the Old Pacific Highway. Which might now be called the Tweed Valley Way. Down South Trunk Road 76 is now Waterfall Way and the Raleigh Tip is known also by another name . I am pretty sure the word RESOURCE fits into the name of the Tips in both areas but don’t really understand quite how. At Kalang there is only a WASTE TRANSFER STATION. Open on selected days. The Road is still called KALANG ROAD. As I have said before , I have been told that the Guris used Kalang as an expression of – well lets say as an EXCLAMATION – I no longer recall who told me this but it sounds feasible. Perhaps a sign of impatience with WhiteFella questions. They still call it Kalang Road but IMM tells me that The Kalang Bus Driver is refusing to transport the children past the Sunny Corner Turn Off anymore due to the condition of the road. Parents have to pick them up – similar to the Waste Transfer Station only a kilometre or so away from the Sunny Corner Turn off. Could be true. Gary Sampson the Kalang Bus Driver who lives at the very end of the Valley has threatened many things over the years and the road certainly hasn’t been upgraded in the decade or so since I have been there.

Up here – however – roads are wider and garbage bins on wheels are seen way out on country roads. Well done Tweed Council. Not something you would see in Bellingen Shire.

Mind you Tweed Shire doesn’t get many WELL DONES. It doesn’t even allow any water sports. It pulls down buildings at random. It took the entire top of a sub tropical hill over the way from The Cottage and built the Great Wall of China. Money seems to talk very Loudly in Tweed whereas in Bello – they don’t allow progress to worry them at all. Urunga had a street sign saying clearly and proudly – THE LITTLE TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT. I am very homesick for Bellingen Shire and my own Kids and Grandkids but I am doing the shadowing of a PhD and allowing till I turn 60 to go home again.

Getting back to this morning , we went on the loop drive. South to Tumbulgum and then left at the big roundabout to the MURWILLUMBAH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE . The Slideshow will lead you through this one.

Its a more laid back Murwillumbahian experience than South Tweed. Then we ventured into the Wardrop Valley. How lovely was this ? Old houses and rainforest. Back of our minds is the Sale of the Property and Possible Further Relocation. Back of MY mind is the newly discovered Clearances of the Sutherland Shire in Scotland from whence my GGG Grandmother Wilhelmina McLeod came with her mother Janet Mackay and 2 siblings. So at the back of MY mind is burning and displacement and all the horrors of eviction. They haunt me still as they have done most of my life. Even with Beryl Mortimers email saying how much she appreciated us as Tenants and with my Discerning Owner saying he hopes beyond hope that the New Owners will want to keep us – still I have visions of burning peat and rafts on the Loch. None of which I know anything at all about but I do know a good deal about moving house and not having anywhere to go to.


Wardrop Valley then entered the realm of Possible Places to Live. We came across a property named ARALUEN. Of all things. Iz has only recently discovered his family ties to the Shantytown at Malabar – called HAPPY VALLEY it was.

Then we heard from TG that Basil Kendall had gambled away ARALUEN . So we looked it up on the Funk and Wagnall and ARALUEN means HAPPY VALLEY. And there it was in Wardrop Valley. Araluen.


Wardrop took us along to Fernvale Road and then on to Minnows Road and out onto the Pacific Highway just a wee bit South of Youngbutts Fruit and Vegie shop now called – FERNVALE BIRD SANCTUARY AND FRUIT BARN. We bought duck food for 50 cents a packet and accompanied by a very large hound we took a walk through the Bird Gardens and then back to the Fruit Barn for TRULY HOME MADE FOOD. Now this is a Great Relief after Brisbane City. I like Brisbane City. I like Sydney City – but they are NOT Young Butt’s Fernvale Fruit Barn with HomeMade HomeMade Food. I like Villages and country towns best of all.

This is some of what their Pamphlet says.

Relax and enjoy 4 acres of exhibition gardens with native birds and water fowls. Picnic in the Gardens. Drive up to the door. Plenty of parking area. Just 5 mins south of Murwillumbah on the Tweed Valley Way.
Quality local fruit and veg. If you want to ring YoungButts Fernvale Fruit Barn. try these numbers – 02 66 77 93 23 or 0419 623 697.

We had Zenvelds coffee from down near Bangalow and Pumpkin scones for me with local jam and some splendid sort of cream which brings back a distant memory of pure joy. Izzy had Blueberry muffins. Two of them because one would not have been enough and they were only $2 each. They also had home made ice cream and choc-coated bananas like Izzy had in 1980 when he was up here. Things which have now been pulled down or are not what they used to be.

We also picked up a pamphlet called DISCOVER THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED which is a wee tourist pamphlet for Burringbar , Stokers Siding , Mooball and Crabbes Creek. We were up at Ilnams Winery early this week and Mark and Lachlan Quinn were putting together something similar for our valley here – linking Jamiesons and The Bilambil Blues Club with the Ilnams Winery. Took a look at Burringbar and down to Mooball , over to the Coast and looking for Tanglewood which is what I thought the trip was about as a very PROBABLE Place to Live. That meant a left at Bogangar and then into Tanglewood. I do not know what Tanglewood used to be – it looks like the same situation as I have seen in a few places up here. Someone’s grand vision perhaps which has gone astray or failed. Over on the Hill facing The Cottage – is Terranora Resort – a grand and fine complex of Golf Course , Accommodation and ClubHouse. It is now owned so the DOS tells me by Koreans. The ClubHouse is a Ghost House falling down. The Accommodation is being rented as permanent furnished rentals in the way caravan parks once were and the ghosts truly wander. Tanglewood seems to be in the same condition although more eco-conscious. Many signs saying KEEP OUT and PRIVATE PROPERTY. Who are they written for ? What has happened in there ? There seems to be an empty hall or two . Down on Dry Dock Road is the Aquatic Club. Same sort of thing. Grand Vision. Fine Building and EMPTY.



Not liking the feel of Tanglewood at all we came on home over Clothiers Creek. Past the Tea Plantation .Down through Nunderi onto the Tweed Valley Way at Condong where the Sugar Mill seems to be developing into a monster and North to Dinsey’s Creek. This is the country we now know was Great Grandfather John Bell’s land and George Dinsey lived over the way and married Great Aunt Wilhemina.
Then home to Bilambil. To Rego Papers and a book delivered to the door : Izzy ordered it while still working at Austlit. He had reached the Ws when he finished. The Alphabetical Bibliography Online of Australian Authors. 2 Years and up to the Ws. So he had ordered this wee slim book – written by one of his last authors. WALTER D WHITE. His selected poems. He ordered it from a bookshop in Healeville Victoria. It says Judith Eardley Save Wildlife. Which is a peculiar name for a Bookshop. The image on the flyer looks like the shops in Burringbar which are now closed. So we now have his poems. I shall choose ONE to put here as the day draws to a close and we prepare forBilambil Blues Club.
Something which covers the feeling of being out of Brisbane and yet facing the Clearance from the Cottage unless a merciful Laird and/or Lady purchase the Property and want to keep us here in our wee crofters cottage. Not that I know what a crofter is. So Bear with me and I shall choose a poem by WALTER D WHITE. 1857-1941.
Smoke blue and grey the hills unrolled
The plains below were powdered gold
Stray winds were playing hide-and-seek
Along the willow-shaded creek –
I heard the curlew’s mournful cry
And watched the wild swan homing fly –
Crimson and amethyst the sky –
As dusk came down and day passed by.


Late it is. Nearing dusk and the Star wagon is packed and ready to go for the last time. Izzy is sleeping in preparation for a night drive back down the M1. Beryl Mortimer has been farewelled. Very fond of her we are. The Shuggle has been swept and mopped and everything is in there and ready to go.  We are going to Rosalie on the way out to get Life Energy water if theyre open and to eat dinner if we can find a seat where we can keep an eye on the StarWagon and our possessions.889.jpg

Goodbye Brisbane.