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Today then we settle in on the Hill to research. He is out front with boxes of papers. The back door creaks in autumn winds and in the trees out back the tiny birds are in song. Wee wrens I would think but havent seen them today so I am not sure.

Izzy has dug out research he has been doing over many years now and we are sorting and filing and trying to assimilate the details of a life almost lost. We hunt back through the 19th century and scrounge through papers and web sites.

Tonight he will be playing guitar and working out which songs he can play at the IZZY FOREAL BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA on Sunday April 20th. I shall be videoing him on the John Sebastian Song which is my personal favourite. Our videos consist of the Sony Camera and last for a max of 2 minutes . Thats why the LAST GOODNIGHT was good. Its short. The DYLAN SONG BOOK BAND ones are shockers. Way too long.

They tell me I can get a memory card to extend the life of the recording and take more fotos as well but I keep forgetting to do so. Doesn’t matter really. Contentment lies within a 2 minute video clip on a $187 camera.

Tonight I might begin to TRANSCRIBE some of the Melinda papers. Its cold around the ankles and the weather for settling indoors and perhaps turning on a heater. Kati B’s already been driven to that Down in Kalang. TODAY KATE PASSED HER PROVISIONAL DRIVING TEST AND NOW SHE CAN DRIVE A MANUAL CAR. That means she can now drive her Magna Station Wagon. She learned to drive in Sydney in the middle of the hectic-ness of Camperdown etc and now she’s facing Kalang winding and twisting snake roads. However she is legally able to do so.

Yesterday a parcel arrived in the Letter Box down the Bottom . Iz pulled over the Charade to get it out of the Box which was alright in itself – except that it was his birthday gift which Jai personally has made for him. Luckily it was wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap and boxed and in addition a large spider ran across it – successfully diverting his attention. DOS says the spider lives there all the time and even when he kills it – back it comes. So he says. The GIFT looks very good. My son-almost-in-law is a craftsman and a thinker and creator and this is an inspired present this one.

DOS brought the mail down today in the Merc. He had trouble reversing back out and thats the first time in 3 years that the ground has been wet enough to cause any problem at all. Its been like it all Summer with the relentless rains.


Late it is. Nearing dusk and the Star wagon is packed and ready to go for the last time. Izzy is sleeping in preparation for a night drive back down the M1. Beryl Mortimer has been farewelled. Very fond of her we are. The Shuggle has been swept and mopped and everything is in there and ready to go.  We are going to Rosalie on the way out to get Life Energy water if theyre open and to eat dinner if we can find a seat where we can keep an eye on the StarWagon and our possessions.889.jpg

Goodbye Brisbane.


Been away now for 11 days, Disoriented and peculiar. In Armidale now after a great week in Kalang. Not that its really wild country that I ever travel in except the venturing into these thoughts and emotions. One more night in Armidale and then into a flash car for the trip down the mountains to kalang to Kate and IMM. Carrying the Purple Suitcase which weighs an inordinate amount. Loaded or not. Had hoped to have laptops fixed this trip but doesn’t look like it unless I get to MacMan and Robyn in Bello ( Bellingen)

Caught the Keans ( We’re Kean to have you travel with us ) Coach up the mountains the other day and arrived here in Armidale behind Hungry Jacks right on Noon. Very do-able for $23. Only 2 hours and the driver declared the Purple Suitcase was ‘ not a problem Madam.” Felt safe immediately despite Dorrigo being ahead of me.

The Mitsubishi Magna preceded us into town and I met up with Mad O’Brian, Jolene and My little Poppy. Izzy by then was back up north following a succesful Bello Musical Debut at the Federal Hotel and some very good times with my daughter and IMM.