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Today it floods again. Well not quite yet. But its wet enough to keep us at home and inside for the day. We are booked into the SANTE FE MOTEL.

Thats at Lennox Head and tomorrow night Izzy plays at the LENNOX POINT HOTEL with Scrubby and the Hillbilly Blues Bandits.

The day has been spent at home in the Cottage on the Hill with the rain pouring. Now its dark and cool with an almost full moon.  This has been one fine birthday Izzy.


And the Blues begin to lift with fine weather and warmth and some resting from the year of transiting between two worlds.

This week we proceed with the partnering as well as inviting the populace to Izzy’s birthday party extravaganza at ILNAM WINERY in Carool on Sunday 20 April.

This morning we take the FORMS to Centrelink. The Glossy 10 x 8s as Arlo Guthrie called them. Izzy has put thesis level effort into filling in these FORMS. Three times I have rung the Centrelink Hotline for advice and three times have been greeted with affectionate and understanding chuckles. Seems that they are now all filled in and we will head to town in the Charade and hand them in. Being a Celibate Single since 1987 (pretty much) – I find this DAUNTING. I didn’t realise the level of commitment involved in a Centrelink form. The three chuckling telephone advisors have, with compassion , explained it to me.

I understand that we are now PARTNERED and have only recently had the concept of re-partnering explained to me by the DOS who is now De-partnered.  Me – I will shortly be PARTNERED – in the eyes of Centrelink and before God and those gathered there at Tweed Heads Centrelink Office. This time of the year is significant for me. Mad O’Brian was born on the 22nd. My twin cousins Keith and Ross Carter were born 6 months after me on the 12th April 1950. My car rego is due on the 16th. Izzy is 6 months older than me – born on the 18th April 1949. I believe some of my grandparents were born around this time of the year and often Easter and the Easter Show are on as well.



Registered the car today. Easily which is a most unusual thing for me. I cannot remember the last time I had enough money to pay registration without worrying. So there it is with a purple sticker to be put on. $30.10 it cost. The Green Slip with AAMI was $265 and I am a pensioner so the rego itself was free. I am reflecting upon times past while we transition into being PARTNERED. Thats what Centrelink calls it. PARTNERED. He on AusStudy and me on a disability pension. So I look back through the Albums to get a grip on things. See what you think:

My DOS and His Son Geoff from Newport are on the roof like a PAIR OF POSSUMS – as Doug said. They are cleaning out the gutters and the roof. A fine thing to see so it is. Father and Son on the roof. So life here had a good throb to it except for the aching hole where my kids go.
Izzy’s girls rang and they are coming to visit in Mid-May. From the South Coast of NSW. You need to specify that here. Because to the Northerners Coolangatta is the South Coast. To the New South WelshMen , Tweed Heads is the North Coast. Until last weekend , there was an hours time difference between the adjoining towns. I once lived on Boundary Street , on the NSW side. That meant that if I crossed the street I was in Queensland. That also meant an hour’s time difference in a 20 metre walk. The Shop was on the other side of the road and sometimes my car was parked on the other side of the road. In a different state. With different Police and Parking Rules etc.

I once taught for a little at Tweed Heads Public School. If you leaned over the fence at the back of the playground, your head was in Queensland and your body was in NSW.

Daylight Savings has ended now. That closes some of the Gap. A lot of people fudge a Queensland address to get the Car Rego. I don’t think its cheaper any longer but Queensland doesn’t demand a yearly inspection. Don’t matter to me this year because mine has passed the REGO CHECK. Thanks to Danny at D AND K. on Ourimbah Road Tweed Heads.

I went on from the RTA to take lunch at the Terranora Shopping Centre. Asked the girl at Raz Cafe what it was that they were building and she tells me its the new Tavern. 3 levels with 2 beer gardens and a bistro. She tells me a new Thai Restaurant is opening there as well. Hmnmm. Its taking time but its doing it. Spreading out into the Country is Sub-urbia so I might as well enjoy it till and if i can escape.

That means Pineapple and Cheese Toasted Fingers at Raz Cafe. With a Banana Smoothie on Soy. It brings back an ancient memory ( 1970 ) of the Gold Coast with Hilary Eastwick-Field of some rainy night landing in Surfers Paradise in a small tent and finding an eatery down some alleyway and being mightily happy to get cheese and pineapple fingers toasted. I still am mighty glad to get them. Specially when I come home to Rice Pudding from Panorama Plaza where they make their own and sell it to take away for $3.00. Along with Chet’s Thai Take-away.