Rebecca O’Day

     I am Rebecca O’Day. I am an artist, writer, chef and wilderness explorer.        Please follow me for a few quiet minutes and see the world somewhat abstracted that I see andpresent through my art on these pages.       I paint from very deep inside my imagination, there is no “high realism” there.  Perhaps that might translate into my work as intimidating even a bit disarming but please take the time to Let Go and peruse.  I believe that there is evidence of the “every(wo)man” joy and struggle in my work and that it is always, ultimately, beautiful no matter how harsh it may initially seem. Light and shadow are my implements.  I have heard that there is an “intimacy and immediacy” to some of my new work seen recently. This pleases me.      If you are interested in purchasing work, would like to discuss my creating a commission piece or would enjoy the opportunity to review new work via email updates, please let me know.        If you simply wish to talk ABOUT ART, my art, your art, ART – I would love that.

Source: Rebecca O’Day

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