I did another meeting which gives me 4 this week and danged if they aren’t working as they have done for 28 years. I do not know quite how that works but it does work. The things I have noticed areclearer thinkingless despairless needinessless urgencyless worryThat enables me to enjoy things a little. Just for one day. Its one of my favourite kinds of evenings. Heated day. Short rain shower. Fresh evening with birds of all kinds calling. And quiet now. Tow of my granddaughters are ill but I am not with them and they are in the efficient care of their parents.


Police Officer Keeps Job After Abusing Aboriginal Man

Earlier this week, we published a blog about a police officer who was suspended on full pay but kept his job after being found guilty of stalking and harassing a woman.Sadly, it appears that some police officers feel that they can get away with harassing and abusing people.In the latest case of police misconduct, a South Australian officer has received a ‘slap on the wrist’ after racially abusing and threatening an Aboriginal man.

Source: Police Officer Keeps Job After Abusing Aboriginal Man