Sleeping is a crime in San Francisco – The San Francisco Examiner : The San Francisco Examiner

Sleeping is a crime in San FranciscoTrending ArticlesBauer’s accused of forming ‘sham’ unionSheriff’s deputies could patrol streetsMirkarimi’s promise of deputies patrolling streets is prematureRicocheted bullet appears to have killed Steinle, firearms expert testifiesHow to fix San Francisco’s corruption problemBy Jennifer Friedenbach on August 27, 2015 12:30 amLast week, an encampment of elderly black people near our office in the Tenderloin was cleared out. The men don’t bother folks, but they don’t move very fast either. After a while, the police officers got frustrated with how long it was taking for them to move across the street and threw their belongings in a truck. Gone went their camping gear and their medicines. No small loss when you’re suffering from extreme destitution.At a time when the Department of Justice is calling the citation, arrest and forced displacement of homeless people for sleeping cruel and unusual punishment, new data from the San Francisco Police Department indicates it is fully engaged in this practice.A total of 13,390 citations were given to homeless people last year for anti-homeless “offenses,” including panhandling, trespassing, urination/defecation, drinking in public or other activities that homeless people have no other choice but to perform in public. This amounts to 258 citations a week, or 37 a day. Of those, 11,920 citations were issued for sleeping or sitting in public spaces alone.The department is on track to issue 30 percent more citations this year for resting in public than in 2014, according to SFPD data. This is in direct contrast to recent statements by San Francisco policymakers that The City does not criminalize homeless people.Nothing could be further from the truth.

Source: Sleeping is a crime in San Francisco – The San Francisco Examiner : The San Francisco Examiner

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