Down History Lane


The Down History Lane section of our forum displays hours of work by several of our dedicated members……….dedicated to researching and uncovering the history of many many brands of vintage caravans, caravanettes and teardrop trailers.

It is an amazing research tool, one that as owner of this website, I have used many times when attempting to identify various makes of caravans.

The “Down History Lane” is constant work in progress, as facts are discovered about various brands of caravans, and added to the relevant section.

Our members occasionally come across people directly related, or know family members of caravan builders of the period we refer to as “vintage caravans”. A wealth of knowledge is discovered when these people are interviewed.

It’s the best Australian vintage caravan referral site on the world world web, and true credit goes to the handful of dedicated members who continually assemble the story of vintage caravans piece by piece.

Click on the animated link to enjoy. By clicking on the index at the top of the forum, it will place the caravan manufactures in alphabetical order for easy reference.

via Down History Lane.

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