The SilverBird Part 2

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He seemed to do that when I stood beside his body in the forest. He seemed to shatter in millions of shards of life and truly become the boddishvata he said he was. The light cracked and screamed and spread North and South to the places and people he was going to.

I forget now to call his name when I want him.

I forget that he is more that all that total of what he was as the ordinary man mowing the lawns.

I forget the constancy of what he is now to me.

I forget Van Badhman’s writing.

Van Badham I wrote the following for his life companion, Lynne: Lynne, amidst heartbreak, be consoled that the man who was your beloved companion was no ordinary man. He was a leader, a fighter, a guru, a comrade, a friend. He was a man of independent thought and…

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