The SilverBird Part 2


I came across the Blog of Digby who was once editor of Byron Bay News. 

Entry 88, November 29, 2014: I would love to be able to report – with appropriate ego-free humility – that the experience of cancer had transformed me; had helped me to live in the moment, see every day as a gift, radiate kindness and empathy. In short, to realise the meaning of life and emerge, unblinking, into the sunshine of the spirit, an enlightened being.

But, although the fear, the frailty and powerlessness have knocked off a few of the rougher edges, the truth is I am largely unchanged. The blemishes of character, unremarkable enough, remain. Indeed, vanity, impatience, indolence, temper, may even have been enhanced.

Then there’s the arrogance – the response to cancer that didn’t say “why me?” but did say “what, me?” and somewhere down deep refused to accept that I…

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