87 Things Only Poor Kids Know

ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I have lived this life.


Kids living in poverty don’t have a lot of money — or options. But poor kids are survivors, and the life lessons they learn are heartbreaking but often invaluable. To research for this article, I asked our Liberal America fans and my friend and follower group for input. And yes, I pulled some of it from my own experience.

My best resource for the lessons in the article came from A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

Here are some things that poor children know.

A fingernail file can be used to file a jagged edge if a tooth breaks.

We go to the doctor when we’re sick, but mom doesn’t.

We have to move a lot because sometimes we can’t afford the rent.

I don’t always tell my mom when I need school supplies. I can tell it makes her nervous.

Having to print something for school gives me anxiety. Our printer doesn’t always have ink. It’s easier for me to just get a bad grade on the project than admit to the teacher I can’t afford to print.

via 87 Things Only Poor Kids Know.

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