HEALING : acupuncture, lymphatic massage, swimming in salt water, sleep and fresh fish and SNEZ MUSICA



This morning  I went to Paul the Acupuncturist in his clinic at the CWS rooms in Bellingen. He had a young german Physio visiting and she gave me a lymphatic  massage which felt exceptionally good. She knew exactly what she was doing and I could feel the effects of her touch.

Then Paul put in needles for acupuncture. I liked the atmosphere. 5 or 6 people at shiatsu and acupuncture. The room is beautiful and looks over the river. I accepted the Chinese Herbs he has made up for me although I fear them somewhat. I do not fear them as much as the western medicine. Which is doing nothing anyways. Nothing that helps me.

I AM BEGINNING TO LAND – just a little. Still the pain comes but I begin to reappear from the wastelands of grief and suffering.

When I came back to Urunga I took a drive…

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