Colour My World – Orange

The Urge To Wander

I love the colour orange. In any hue or shade ranging from amber to vermilion. Although I have a particular penchant for tawny rusts and burnt siennas, I do enjoy vivid orange accents. Not surprising then that I found many ‘orange’ shots in my travel albums. Here is a sample for this weeks FriFotos on Twitter. Click on the images to visit relevant posts.

Most Hindu Gods are associated with a divine ‘transport’, usually an animal or bird. Like Nandi (bull), the mount of Lord Shiva or Goddess Durga’s fierce lion/tiger, or Ganesha’s little mouse. The image below is of Shvana (Sanskrit for dog) the vehicle of Khal Bhairav, a fierce manifestation of Shiva, in his temple in Varanasi

DSC_7730 copy

Orange, or saffron, is considered very auspicious in the kaleidoscope that is India, and is present in her national flag. It is said to symbolise strength, sacrifice and renunciation. Gods, as well as Godmen, are usually decked in shades of orange . These…

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