Stop the Aerial Spray | An introduction


Welcome to the Stop the Aerial Spray campaign page.

This website has been created to provide information regarding a proposed aerial spray by the Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW) over three compartments of the Gladstone State Forest near the picturesque town of Bellingen on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Residents surrounding the proposed spraying area received a notice in their letterboxes days before an intended helicopter-delivered dump of four extremely noxious herbicides was to be carried out (including the insidious and known pesticide water contaminant, ‘Simazine’ which the corporation is *not* planning on using in a spraying campaign in Gleniffer, due to the proximity to water supply). Wait, isn’t Brierfield full of rivers and creeks, which flow directly into the Kalang River and out to the sea? Yep.

A close-knit community, word spread quickly through between Bellingen residents and we now have a strong (and growing) alliance of people concerned about the health of the residents living near the proposed aerial spray zone (including young families and the chronically ill), as well as the health of our fauna (including threatened native species and koalas, wallabies, platypi), as well as the viability of adjacent biodynamic farms and the lack of community consultation to date.

While the FCNSW state that they are working within their legal rights, we, residents of Bellingen Shire suggest this operation can be conducted in such a way as to arrive at satisfactory outcomes for all parties without the need for aerial spraying. (Or this possibly a nefarious plot by FCNSW to engender support for ground spraying in the first place? You be the judge).

Whatever you believe, we represent a large body of vocal and physical dissidents who just can’t believe FCNSW would even try this in a community like ours.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to lend support to our campaign.


Bellingen action group to STOP THE AERIAL SPRAY.

We call on the NSW Government to STOP aerial spraying NOW!

via Stop the Aerial Spray | An introduction.

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