I AM SKIDDING INTO NIGHT PRETTY RUGGED. The Emeralds came and took me to Bello meeting. Thank god for that and we all met up with Yellow Rockers for dinner at the Urunga Bowlo.  But I am not OK and I know it.


Now I am on Facetime. To Eden. THIS IS tightrope walking this time is. First I think I cannot keep doing this. Then respite comes. I buy one moment and then another. I go one thing more and then another. Fractured and shattered. Jac spoke of brain injury – she understands. All highways gone. On foot in the bush. Trying to keep going but ill equipped and without map or directions.

So – I buy the Sustagen and don’t let myself be confused by any advice I can’t absorb. I deal with the people who understand various parts of this experience. I develop a ruthlessness.

A Nun…

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