starting into 2015


A frantic pace


Valid during several months: During this time, you will have many group discussions and conversations with others; you will meet new people, possibly travel quite a bit and certainly have more contact with relatives and immediate neighbors.You feel that you have to communicate with as many people as possible. This is a very good time for all kinds of intellectual activities. It is not a good time to try to settle down and relax. The tempo of events in your environment is likely to be too fast, and it will be difficult to avoid getting caught up in it. Nevertheless you should try sometimes to disconnect yourself from this frantic pace, because it may get to the point that you are continually distracted and unable to think properly. For this reason it is not the best time to try to reach a conclusion on some matter.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury in 3rd house,  3, from 07:08  
activity period from 8 January 2015 until mid-March 2015

News from the psyche ***

Valid during many months: This is a period of profound emotional experiences, which should be extremely positive and creative for your overall growth and evolution. You are concerned with making your life more profound and emotionally rewarding. No longer satisfied with living at the surface, you want to feel in your heart everything that until now you have understood only with your mind. At the same time your mental understanding will become more profound because it will be based on intuition as well as on logic. This deepening experience of life will affect your relationships as well. In fact it may very well bring about an important new relationship, which may or may not be sexual. In any case you can be sure it will be emotionally profound and a positive learning experience in which you will discover a great deal about your inner psyche.Even your existing relationships will now have a great deal more emotional content than they have had and will become the source of much self-discovery. Again you need have little fear for the stability of these relationships.The most important discovery you will make about yourself during this time concerns the workings of your subconscious patterns, the unconscious habits and patterns that you carry from your past. This is an excellent time for psychotherapy or other consciousness-expanding therapies. It is not that you need them necessarily, but they would be extremely effective at this time.In your personal and home life you will have a chance to make positive changes. You can make repairs, construct new buildings and generally expand your activities. Your home life should be deeper and more emotionally rewarding now than at other times. This is often a good time for buying real estate, especially if you plan to live on it.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Pluto trine Moon, ,
activity period mid-February 2014 until mid-December 2015

The highest commandment ***

Valid during many months: During this difficult time others may find you unusually uncommunicative and cold. You will feel like withdrawing and isolating yourself. You will be plagued by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and inferiority, or even of desperation and depression. Your pride could easily be hurt in any kind of dispute, while others might accuse you of being unable to compromise.You will often have problems when you are called on to show discipline, responsibility and endurance, or when asked not to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. This will make you painfully aware that your vulnerability often causes you to make unneccesary and fruitless attempts to justify yourself. Radical revisions and changes in your more basic views and principles could make this a time of crisis in any long-term relationship. Avoid at all costs the mistake of accusing your partner of being responsible for leading you away from your true nature. Try instead to gain his support for any changes which you are currently going through. Despite any problems that may arise under this influence, the highest commandment is that you should admit to your own mistakes and failings without immediately condemning yourself.

The partner references are set for a relationship with a man.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Chiron opposition Saturn, ,
activity period mid-March 2014 until mid-February 2015
Negative conclusions ***

Valid during many months: This is an extremely critical influence, made more so by the fact that it often remains unnoticed for a long time. Your belief in the good of something could lead you down the wrong path. Therefore it is important that you remain unusually sceptical of any miracle-cures or people who try to persuade you that they have all the answers to your life’s problems. Even if such promises seem fairly plausible and believable, you would be well advised to resist any powerful outside influences for the duration of this aspect. If you can be more open with those close to you this may lead to many new insights, while also relativizing some of your misunderstandings regarding what some people purport to be. This will create a basis of trust, which will allow others to be more open and authentic in return.A unexpected meeting with someone you havn’t seen for a long time, or some remark made by your parents or partner could trigger memories of a painful incident in your past. At that time you may have felt ridiculed, misunderstood or even deeply despised. Even if this incident occurred decades ago, the feelings of shame, fear or inadequacy associated with it could be awakened once again, giving you the opportunity to discuss the matter. This influence will make you much more understanding and tolerant of your own and others’ failings, helping you to accept these as an integral part of human existence. Only by doing this will you ensure that charlatans and self-proclaimed gurus have no influence over you.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Neptune square Chiron, ,
activity period end of March 2014 until end of January 2016

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