At Home: Warwick Keen and Burra Bee Dee :: MGNSW

Artist Warwick Keen recently exhibited Burra Bee Dee at COFAspace, the UNSW’s Art & Design gallery in Paddington.The work tells the story of his mother’s Home country in the Coonabarabran area and presents photos which visually hover between documented truth and experienced reality. It evokes enquiry and curiosity in the viewer.M&G caught up with Warwick to find out more. First up Warwick, tell us about Mary Jane Cain?Mary Jane Cain is my great, great grandmother. In the 1890’s she wrote to Queen Victoria’s representative in Australia, the Governor of NSW asking for some land to be given back to the Aboriginal people of the Coonabarabran North-western NSW area, so that they could get on with their own lives and become independent and self sustaining. As a result of my great, great grandmother’s persistence in advocating for the rights of her people the Governor bequeathed a total of 600 acres to Mary Jane with the proviso that it be shared and utilised for the good of the entire Aboriginal community.

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