I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. T. S. Eliot.


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Saturday 17 December 1927

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW - 1842 - 1954), Saturday 17 December 1927

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Goldsworthy, Peter

Fin and scale, sand and shale,

From seagrass plait my hair,

Conch and coral shape my ears.

Of driftwood, my bleached bones.

Fin and scale, sand and shale

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NT Aboriginal child removal ….. researcher says numbers have increased threefold since 2007 | CAAMA

NT Aboriginal child removal ….. researcher says numbers have increased threefold since 2007Posted on 10/11/2014 Tagged Aboriginal people, aboriginal, indigenous news, Indigenous broadcasting,, Indigenous broadcasting, indigenous news, NT Aboriginal child removal, out of home careAlarming data on the removal of Aboriginal children from their families in the Northern Territory reveals the number has grown by more than three times since the Howard coalition Government Intervention in 2007.Paddy Gibson a Central Australian based researcher with the University of Technology Sydney says with almost 800 Aboriginal kids in the NT  now in out of home care…the aggressive attitude is not improving outcomes and there are  no indicators to demonstrate things are getting better.Mr Gibson says under the watch of  the  current  Minister for Child Protection, John Elferink, the system has seen its  biggest influx of kids.

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A willingness to share *
Valid during several weeks: At this time you are inclined to identify your ego with what you own and what you value. You may consider your financial position to be a sign of your personal worth. If you have money, you feel that you are a good person. If you don’t, you feel bad and discouraged, quite aside from anything you have accomplished. You act as if you are what you have. You may become overly touchy about your beliefs, opinions and desires in some area and get into arguments about their merit or worth. On the other hand, you are willing to use your possessions to get work done. If you have something that can help you accomplish a task, you will use it. Once you have got over petty ego problems with your possessions, you will allow others to use what you have, so long as they acknowledge your willingness to share.
Transit selected for today (by user):
Mars in 2nd house,  2,
activity period from 11 November 2014 until beginning of December 2014

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Valid during several weeks: This can be a time of intense ego conflicts with others, and you are very likely to be the loser if you are not careful. Your ambitions in various areas may provoke others to try to stop you because they feel threatened. Or it may be that you come across people whose goals are intrinsically opposed to yours. This may happen in any area of your life; most commonly it will affect your public and social life, but it can also affect your personal and domestic life.During your first run-ins with others, you will probably be very bitter and antagonistic, but you will also become cautious about venting your anger. The result is that you will constantly be in a state of suppressed rage. Then someone who has nothing to do with your mood may be the victim of a sudden unexpected burst of anger. Needless to say, that is not the way to win anyone over.You must not get discouraged by the failures you experience at this time. This period will not last, and you can consider it a testing time for yourself and your ambitions. There is no need to assume that your present setbacks are permanent.
The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Saturn square Mars, , exact at 20:50
activity period from 5 November 2014 until 22 November 2014

Well I have certainly been having the setbacks. A saturn squaring Mars eh ? Bum to that. Just a bit longer to go.


Letting go of feelings ***
Valid during many months: This is a challenging time which you will hardly be able to ignore. You will repeatedly be confronted by situations in which others – whether consciously or not – reawaken painful feelings which you had either forgotten you had, or were reluctant to admit to.You now have the opportunity to recognize these feelings and to ease the pain they cause. They have probably been caused by events in your past such as an embarrassing situation or a painful rejection which you only felt able to deal with at the time by burying the pain you suffered. You may have been carrying this pain within you for so long that you have become unaware of its existence. Certain contacts could now reawaken such feelings, and even if the present situation is overtly positive, your reactions will remind you of those unpleasant events in the past. However, your present situation differs in that your emotional maturity can help you to better cope.The only real danger is that you might close your mind to these new impulses. Watch out if you react in a blunt or dismissive way, or if you trample on your own feelings and those of others. Such situations give you the chance to change your behavior. This will help you to fulfill dreams which your fear of awakening old wounds prevented you from doing.
Transit selected for today (by user):
Chiron opposition Moon, Chiron(null)OppositionMoon,
activity period end of April 2013 until end of January 2015

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Enlightening experience ***
Valid during many months: This influence will expose you to ways of looking at the world that are quite different from any you have known before. The alternate states of consciousness designated by this influence are not terrifying or confusing. Instead, you are much more likely to experience a widening interest in the greater depths of the universe and an increased ability to perceive them. Your intuition will be enormously heightened at this time, and if you have any innate psychic talents, they will appear now. You will be increasingly interested in the occult and astrology, and these disciplines will give you understandings that you have never had before. It is quite likely that you will have an enlightenment experience – a perception of your true place in the universe – on some level that is meaningful to you.Idealism is also part of your life now, but its nature is very abstract. You are much more interested in philosophical truth and absolutes than in practical reforms in the world around you. The exception to this is that you could become directly and practically involved with the plight of the underprivileged. You might work to reform conditions in a hospital or other such institution.Another consequence of this influence is that you may become involved with a religious or spiritual movement that works for social reform – a movement motivated not by political doctrines.
Transit selected for today (by user):
Neptune trine Uranus, ,
activity period end of March 2013 until end of January 2015