Do not make the same mistake twice.


E kore te patiki e hoki ki tona puehu

The flounder (fish) does not return to his dust


2 aboriginescoloni00eggl_0013

Salty Waters

It’s sad to see the river now all silted up with mud

Where pools of crystal water lay before the yearly flood

Where once the yabbies make their homes in holes beneath the bank

There’s nothing now but salty brine that smells both foul and rank

The river gums that grew so tall and green beside the flow

Could not withstand the rising salt and so they ceased to grow

No trout will swim this river now they’re long since dead and gone

Mosquito fish, the only things that managed to hang on

When farming land was cleared and felled there was no way to see

The water table rising and the dread salinity

And every year more land is lost it’s just like some disease

It’s all…

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