A poem sent to me by Betty of WINDSONG CHIMES. I have had chimes since the early 90s when my Mum sent me some in Sydney, I am intending to get mine refurbished and to buy some for Izzy’s Spot in the Forest.

And here is the poem :

“Take these wind chimes that I give you
Hang them high up in the tree

Let the melody remind you
Of the spirit that is he

He would have wanted song
To come and fill your days

He would surely bring you laughter
If there was any sort of way

If he could, he’d grin that grin of his
That crinkled up his eyes

That somehow owned a twinkle
He never could disguise

There’s nothing to replace
The man you knew and loved

But you can listen for his song of joy
From the chimes hung up above


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