saf iin tutu

Another day done. The Kids came and loaded a huge load on the truck and trailer. izzy’s beloved couch went and the recliners. I am in Farewelling. I have Farewelled before and it does me good. It cost $50 to take the stuff to the tip.

Natalie and Sophie came and we all visited for a time. Sophie had beautiful things for Saffy and they used the Slate for a time. Sophie gave her a pink tutu.

Then Natalie gave me a massage and I almost fell to pieces again. We talked, We have known one another for a very long time. On and Off.

And then, in the afternoon, I slept.

clarz and saf tutu

It surprises me that so many people find the grief so shattering. They want me through there quickly. Not these good close people but some others. I am no so afraid of the dark place and I REALLY…

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