Today, I took my first drive up into the forest by myself.  3.8 kilometres it is – from my place.

I wanted to go there alone as I once did to Tumbulgum Historical Cemetery after Mum died.

I had the camera today and was a little shakey so I didn’t really get the quiet meditative time I think will come sometime.


 I stayed home all day. Shabbos. My head is clearer and a lot of worrying has dropped off. Its to do with more meetings.

I am planning business in Bellingen tomorrow. The Coroner and the Bank and Hunt’s Hardware to speak to the Forensic Accountant. But that’s tomorrow. Tonight I might fill in some more forms.

One more day along the way. A little more done. I drove the Kombi out from beside the house and I drove the Alfa up Valery Road to Izzy’s Spot AND i took…

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  1. Hi Lynne. I have been reading all your posts and following you (stalking almost) since Izzy died. I only knew Izzy casually from gigs and occaisions where he played and where I chatted with you – I first met him in Grafton a few years ago where he taught my son Thomas at a drama workshop at the Conservatorium there. he was so fantastic with a truculent teenager and I went on to book him as an MC for an event (Dragon Boat races ?) and then slowly just get to cross paths more and more. Even somehow ended up at your 60th (approx) birthday afternoon at Ulmurra a couple of years ago ! A man I did not know all that well but liked immensley. My heart has been going out to you with every post – i wish you well and know that you have many waves in the tides of grief to forge through. It turns our that we have quite a few mutual friends and everyone speaks so highly of you and Izzy – and with special love and concern for you. Anyway – no great words of wisdom or grief-tools – just wanted to touch base and send you my most sincere condolences and warm thoughts of love, laughter and music. Take care and i will keep stalking 🙂 Bonnie xxx

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