Raleigh Rumblings

MARN REGAN is on the left. Dancing. I have found out that he can also COOK.  Delicacies at that.

That’s Izzy in the middle and at the back is another Ukulele Player.  The Uke players are the reason we keep the fire hose at the ready. Cool ’em down a little.


Izzy was surprised to find that JOHN MANSON, fiddler extraordinaire, took to the ale when performing at the OceanView Hotel in URUNGA.


Pete Howard is our HARMONICA PLAYER. Another resident of URUNGA. In the middle is a visiting bass player from down on the Nambucca and to the right is a bike rider who appeared at a 2014 Rumble for refreshment. IMG_0867.jpg

John May is another poly instrumentalist. Seems he prefers to be barefoot. Let’s hope he never appears with the dreaded bohdran.


SANDRA  CLARK AND IZZY FOREAL.  Feck the 18th April, says I.

sandy izzy vines2.jpg

You see me post the VAS…

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