Photo on 20-02-2014 at 5.48 pm

This looks harder to me. Business to attend to. Izzy attended to almost all of it and with a lot of money to spare. Now – it has come to this.

Electricity first. Let the Soul lead.

$1000 in credit. We will see what we can arrange.

WESTNET – cancelled the mobile.  The  June payment was made somehows.  Looking good.

The Girls came and we shopped online. The IMM took a load of outside rubbish away.

Shaz and her little one came a-visiting and the day passed smoothly.

I have my daughter’s cooking to eat – spinach and cheese pie and macaroni cheese and ACAT have called and come Thursday to assess me for the Hostel.

Soz tried to fix up things re the Kombi and death certs etc but we are stalled. Ah well and my.

Izzy, I had a bad cramp today and you were not here to…

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