Forest Birds of Northen NSW, Australia


If you told me six months ago i would be today creeping through the coastal forests of NSW hunting birds i would have rolled my eyes and laughed at you. I have always been interested in photography and image making but I  now  have bought a decent DSLR, a super telephoto lens and find myself  instead of getting up early to catch waves, getting up early to catch Australian native birds in the view finder of a camera! What started as the desire to create a nice photo is quickly developing into an obsession. Every time i get a good shot of a new bird, i race home to refer to my field guide, i then slip the SD card into the computer and see what i really have – the sense of anticipation is almost like watching an image emerge before your eyes in the days of film and…

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2 thoughts on “Forest Birds of Northen NSW, Australia”

  1. hey thanks for the re-post Lynne. I hash tagged this post with stacks of keywords but i don’t think it’s had one view yet. (Until you) New to WordPress and have to start doing stuff to encourage traffic.

    1. follow and like other blogs. add something as often as possible same as instagram. Link to a Facebook Page of your own. Your work is too good to not be noticed.

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