Allannah Wooloughan Morning Lynne, I guess you still have people around who care about and for you – let them ‘do the day-to-day stuff’ today – you just need to retrace steps around your home, touch things, smell things. Put Izzy’s things aside for a later time – his comb, shaver, etc. etc. You are still in a state of shock – suspended animation and are seeing things from outside of yourself, it is all a coping mechanism. So just be kind to yourself


This is the place i first took everyone to. Turned out it was more than a kilometre short of where he fell. We carved his name in the wrong tree.

I don’t know the steps of this dance of death. All I can think to do is dance the dances I do know. That means writing and photos and blogging and gathering wisdom and seeing where it leads.

Keltic Ken This post reminded me of this:

“There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in (what are called) ‘thin places’ that distance is even smaller. A thin place is where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted and one is able to receive a glimpse of the glory of God. A contemporary poet Sharlande Sledge gives this description.

“Thin places,” the Celts call this space,
Both seen and unseen,
Where the door between the world
And the next is cracked open for a moment
And the light is not all on the other side.
God shaped space. Holy.

It is no wonder that thin places are most often associated with wild landscapes. A thin place requires us to step from one world to another and that often means traveling to a place where we have less control and where the unpredictable becomes the means of discovery. Rugged seacoast like the Cliffs of St. David’s, windswept Islands like Iona, and rocky mountain peaks like Croagh Patrick were thin places in ancient times and still call out to pilgrims today. These sanctuaries of creation help us as, John O’donohue writes, “to anchor our longing in the ancient longing of Nature.”


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