The 18 June photos concluded: dedicated to Lynne and Izzy

Neil's Commonplace Book

Here are the final photos of the area around the Illawarra Brewery which I took last Wednesday.



Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite is an old friend of my blogs, and on Facebook. She has often commented on them or reposted items. When a few years back I posted on the same area I have been revisiting here just recently she and her partner Izzy Foreal – aka Peter Knox – alerted me to a poem related to this place:

December 16, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Hello Neil, Your posts on the Cemetery have caught my eye. Peter ( Izzy ) included a poem in the book he edited for UOW. Its from the Illawarra Mercury 1858 and is called ” The Seaside Cemetery at Wollongong”. We wondered whether you would like a copy of the anthology of “Early Illawarra Poetry” and I will copy the Cemetery Poem out for you as well. If…

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