Barrington Pioneer Cemetery

Barrington Pioneer cemetery occupies a small site surrounded by farmland. Inscriptions found date from 1874 to 1970. A significant proportion of these relate to pioneering Scottish immigrants from the Isle of Skye. The cemetery is long closed.

Ray Cork visited Barrington Pioneer Cemetery in December 2009 and made digital images of all visible inscriptions. He says that, at the time of visiting, the open areas of the cemetery had been recently mown but long grass and weeds remained close to graves. The headstones are generally in reasonable condition, however some inscriptions are becoming difficult to read.

Ray’s images may be downloaded from the list of all inscriptions for this cemetery. Ray compiled that list from his images and with reference to the NSW BDM online search facility and the Australian War Memorial Nominal Rolls for aditional information.

How to find it

The village of Barrington is located on Thunderbolts Way 6km north of Gloucester. At the northern end of the town, turn off Thunderbolts Way onto Barrington East Rd. The cemetery is on the right 7km south of the town.

Latitude/longitude -32.031239,151.892181

More information

Barrington Pioneer Cemetery is administered by Gloucester Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at 89 King St (PO Box 11), Gloucester NSW 2422; phone (02) 65385250; email:



The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 66

The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 67

The listing was last updated on 2010-01-01

The listing was complete as at 2009-12-12

Most Common Surnames

Sort by name

Shaw 7   Laurie 6   McRae 5   Shelton 5   Corbett 5   Higgins 4   Ross 4  

Grant 4   Gorton 3   McInnes 3   Bell 3   Arrowsmith 2   Beaton 2   McDonald 2  

Saxby 2   Farley 1   Wilks 1   Wilson 1   Holmes 1   McKinnon 1   Watson 1  

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