The ART of WALL | Yes Maam


The ART of WALL | Yes Maam .

This couple started out as creative innocents, doing street portraits together, painting their friends on massive sheets of paper and pasting them up around the inner west. Then they got to thinking about a business venture they could do together and both enjoy. Building on  strengths and using differences to their advantage, “The ART of WALL” is one mural company making BIG impressions.

Leia Sidery (Lil) is an illustrator and designer and Tobi Gambling a scenic artist. When you put those diverse skills together there’s an endless pool of exciting possibilities and so came to life “The Art of Wall”.

Cactoblastis - Mural by The Art of WallFor a newer bizz, where they also squeezed in the baby-making process, The ART of WALL has completed some pretty damn fine projects. The unique skill set of this partnership is definitely a strong base to start any project. Tobi has worked in…

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