Raleigh Rumblings

Greetings All. RRRR greeted the day with Trepidation. That’s how RRRR greets most things. Proved to be no need for the Trepidation because it truly RUMBLED again. The day was cool and gloomy but the honeysuckle was in blossom, the lawns had been mown and the milk we left behind last time in the turned off fridge was so old that it was no longer Intimidating.

George was there early as usual and Izzy ( another early bird) picked up the key from the RALEIGH WINERY and got the stage in order. RRRR arrived a little later in Alfie with the pink tub of goodies and paper plates. SANDRA CLARK kicked it iff at noon due to being on her way to the URUNGA GOLF CLUB for an afternoon Gig. It was her boy, DREW’s, 9th birthday as well and the staff of the BLACK BEAR CAFE in BELLINGEN were…

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