Luscious Labials


Intrigue.  Interest. Fascination.  What was it?  It was probably all of those and more reflecting 60 years later.  It invariably took place in the bathroom.  It was a small bathroom, built in the 1940’s.  Basic in design and content.  But it served the family for over twenty years.  When the family moved house it was the 60’s feature I remember most, gold plated taps with fake marble basin surrounds.  For me it was something out of a Hollywood movie.  Back to the original bathroom.  It was a ritual.  It was a ritual that many women performed but it was one which had me totally entranced.

The simple art of applying lip stick.  Something that Cleopatra apparently indulged in.  But this was the 1940’s.  The mirror.  My mother standing in frontg of it and me by her side at the  basin.  Me looking at her looking at the mirror.  It was…

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