The solitary life…REALLY???

Culture Monk

what are you doing

by Kenneth Justice

~ Last week at coffee I spent a couple hours talking to one of the quasi-homeless guys that hangs out at the café. I say ‘quasi’ because he receives a small monthly stipend from the government but he lives at a homeless shelter and uses his gov’t check to buy food, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol……

One of the most difficult things I struggle with in life is my tendency to want to tell other people how they should live. Too often I want to hoist my personal standards of living and force it upon others….. and as we were talking I realized the questions I was asking were clearly ‘critical’ conveying my negative opinion of this homeless guys choices in life,

—) “I don’t get it dude, why don’t you go get a simple job so you don’t have to live in the homeless shelter?” I asked

—) “

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