That Moment in Time

AS I REMEMBER………..Christmas Eve

A chorus of cicadas herald the warm summer nights,

in strange harmony with the buzzing of brightly coloured beetles….

The neighbourhood resonates with the thwack of ball hitting bat,

as energetic children challenge the fading light, to remain just a little longer.

Weary mothers, mentally making numerous lists,

for shopping, for cooking, for cleaning….all to be crammed into too few hours.

Perplexed dads, not  believing that yet another year has scurried past ,

wondering when their children were first able to outrun them.

It\’s a time of whispering of secrets, and sudden silences…..

followed by muffled giggles and a harmony of \”shhhhhhh!\”

Eucalyptus competes with the scent of jasmine … and ripe mangoes!

Roasting turkeys and chickens work the senses overtime…

Bubbling puddings and cooling gingerbread, 

all send the promise of a feast to come.

There are melons to cool and drinks to chill,

 extra chairs to be set beside the long table on the verandah.

The tree is trimmed, presents piled teasingly beneath, tinsel quivers in the breeze.

Midnight mass, or perhaps extra prayers at bedtime…

Assurances that Santa would\’ve received the much fretted over letters…

and hearing muffled yawns, as tiny eyes try in vain to stay open.

Christmas in Australia………it\’ll do me!

Crissouli (c)

via That Moment in Time.

via That Moment in Time.

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