The Poet Profiles have so far focused on American haiku poets. Other than Japan, there are more poets that specialize in haiku poetry (and related forms such as tanka, renga, haibun, etc.) in North America than in any other country or region of the world. In many countries however, haiku is not so highly specialized and has become accepted by some poets as a good option in expressing and recording keen perceptions of, emotional responses to, or deep in-sight or awareness into ordinary daily activities and events or even extraordinary personal experiences, but is not their preferred choice of poetic or literary expression. 

Australia is about ready to launch its first haiku anthology. Many of those included in the anthology are mainstream poets and writers who have not only received recognition and awards nationally, but have also received important awards internationally and have had their work translated into other languages as well. These writers have fondly accepted haiku as a form of expression to be included along with the other genres they usually write in. They are writers that have accepted haiku as a type of poetry they wish to develop simultaneously as one literary form of self-expression alongside others.



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