EDEN , Wonboyne and the Navy Wharf.



It was my intention to bring you a sequential orderly blogging of the trip South. That’s not happening due to internet speeds so it will be my usual grasshopper effect. Back and forth in time. Here and there in space. After the 4 day Taree stay, the Kombi, as you know brought us successfully South. To EDEN near the Victorian  Border.   For the weekend, we had my little one with us. She is 9 and for one of the days we had our 14 year old as well. Family is the primary reason for our trip – so far anyways. Some people thought the medical reasons were the most important but I think not and the broken down Kombi avoided the appointment I did not wish to keep.

Yesterday, we almost made it to Victoria but instead we stopped in at Wonboyne, a tiny village in Myrtle Cove and found a series of wooden jetties and oyster leases and pelicans.

We then turned back to take a look at the NAVY WHARF A rather strange thing is the Navy Wharf.

DSC01857 DSCF9709 DSCF9718

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