hail octo

Yesterday saw hail back in Bellingen at Kate’s and an octopus down in Eden.

Once again, I awaken in a motel room in Taree. This morning it was pre-dawn to the sound of overseas travellers preparing to leave early. Overseas travellers and the geese from across the road. DSC01083

I’ve not seen a flock of geese living in a picnic area before. Not like these ones. The pelicans walk amongst them and 100s of seagulls. Today is the day I was meant to be at Liverpool Hospital seeing a Hep C specialist. I am glad I am not doing that.

But I would like to be heading further South now. That is going to depend upon the news from the mechanic.


The rain is misting back over and the rowers are coming off the water and storing their boats in the Rowing Club. I guess most of them will be heading to work.  Thunder is rolling about. The river’s grey and still. Here we go again.

Yesterday we had lunch at the TROPICAL COFFEE Co. Taree has some good eateries. Today we are going to take a look at a Suzuki APV van. $17.900.

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