Stuck In The Middle

James O'Brien

“I can’t hear you and I can barely see you”, a colleague laughingly told me last night, as we sat opposite each other at Sydney’s legendary live music venue, The Basement. For a moment, my colleague and I were in stitches when we realised why we spend most nights at home, despite our youthful days of going to see live bands and going out clubbing,

We were there for the final of the ABC Radio/ABC TV band competition, “Exhumed” which has been going to air on my employer, ABC Local Radio, and which goes to air as a five-part television series later in the year on ABC TV. As the website describes it…

This is not The Voice. We are not looking for a great undiscovered singer. It’s not X Factor or Idol – we are not about to create a new pop sensation. This is about recognising that there’s…

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