I decided this morning to take a look at NEETA HOMES online. My father worked for them for many years and thought the owner, Russell G. to be a close friend. In the end, Bankruptcy came to Neeta and, as far as I understand it, my Dad lost out by thousands of dollars which he could very well have done with in his last years.

I have before me a weekend at home, out of town, alone without vehicle and plenty of time to let my mind idly wander. It wandered into the World of Neeta Homes.

They seem to still exist which is not what I thought.

This is my father’s diary entry :

This diary started 23 March 2002 Saturday from 1982 diary donated by Russell Green who BS (BRUCE SANDERS) worked for from 1967 to 1992 for NEETA HOMES and war diaries , notes , memories.

Russell Green owes B.S. $11567.

1992 to 1999 for IMPALA HOMES.

Ah. Seems the Company divided itself in some manner.

I was a young adult through this time( and then not so young ) and haven’t been quite au fait with the details.

So Dad worked for Neeta from 1967-1992. Then he worked for Imapala which seems to be a rose by any other name is still a rose.

  • NEETA is mentioned in the Campbelltown Site with reference to MINTO.
  • 1982 IN SMH
  • In 1986.



I think some of these pondering were triggered by our Southern Trip which took me through the Western Suburbs where dad built and to which I rarely if ever went. Izzy’s family home is in Yennora and on the way there we passed through Neeta Suburbs and I noticed a shopping centre actually called NEETA CITY.

Neeta City Shopping Centre is located on the corner of Nelson Street and Smart Street Fairfield and is only 30 kilometers from the heart of Sydney. . The shopping centre can be easily accessed from The Horsley Drive.


  • At Woodbine’s southern fringe, off Badgally Road, a host of new streets were also created in housing estates opened up by Neeta Homes and Defence Service Homes in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.


That seems to be about all I can find on this first search. It still troubles me that the NEETA ending was a sad one. The money would have helped but the breach of trust had a worse effect on my father who was profoundly honest and trustworthy.

IMPALA also seems to still exist. I shall think more about this one.



  1. nellibell49

    Hi, I just happened to come across your comment regarding Neeta Homes Pty Ltd.

    My husband, son and his partner are the Directions of Neeta Homes Pty Ltd. This company started in 2002 and has no connection whatsoever with the previous Neeta Homes. If you search on the ASIC register at, the previous company of Neeta Homes was a completely different entity. It has a different ACN Number and also a different Builders Licence. The Directors, shareholders and supervisors of the company are all from Canberra/Queanbeyan area and in the early 70’s would all have still been in high school. Unfortunately when we started this company up, we did a search with ASIC and found that this name was available. We should have looked further into it and did not realise that we may have been taking on a name which had a history.

    Just to assure you that Neeta Homes in Carwoola has absolutely nothing to do with Neeta Homes which built in Sydney or Melbourne. Our current builder’s licence has also nothing to do with the former Neeta Homes.

  2. Ah Bruce I have a feeling you worked with my dad Jim Roche (deceased).How true how much money you guys lost.
    Mum is doing really well living in a retirement village in Sussex Inlet and funny enough Katrina and I built a Clarendon home 7 and a half years ago .Salesman being Peter Larson.
    Simon Roche

    1. Hi Peter, Dad has passed away as well. I think he always felt sad about its all ending that way. Glad to hear your Mum is doing well. I think I met them at one time in Parramatta. Very nice to hear from you. Lynne Sanders.

      1. Yes Jimy Roche, taught me many things and always had a beer after work, i got out from neeta about 1988 before they went down, we sold heaps of homes at the rooty hill estate.

        He was a cunning old bugger but was respected by all, liked a wager on the horsies and pokies, always able to talk himself out of tricky situations. Good to see Edna is ok at Sussex.


  4. My old man was Purchasing Manager at Neeta for many years until they went bust. He missed out on a lot of money as well. Even the old office in Parramatta has gone now. You could still see the old Neeta sign from the railway line until the building was demolished a few months back.

    1. Thanks Michael. They were treated very poorly and had been loyal an awful long time. Dad never quite got over Russell’s double cross and wouldn’t let me do anything about it either. I remember the Greens went off to Hawaii to recuperate and others just went broke.

    2. Michael are you related to brian haynes if you are tell him im len mumberson grandson please contact me on 0403288665 asap

  5. Hey all my names is brett and my grandfather lenny mumberson (mumbo) yellow van used to work for neeta homes back in the dah until they went broke if any of the people who knew him please contact me on 0403288665

  6. Yes…my father also worked closely with Russell Green since Neeta’s inception (my middle name is Russell) & I despise the man.

    He too thought of Russell as a close friend but when it came down to it -money is Russell’s only love-people are nothing to him -he knew he was in trouble….so planned & prepared for the demise- covered his own backside – and his alone…then moved on with his money & assets (hidden but intact). While my father lost everything.

    Many people lost money and livelihoods due to his actions. Hope he suffers for it all one day. Met his ‘fake American accented’ son once…..wonder if he knows all this… proud he would be of his father!

      1. yes, I think both your father & mine were/are honourable men with integrity and never dreamed Russell would do what he did. My father was in a black hole for many years after…and yes, I think it broke something inside him too.

    1. Yeah that kid was a wanker, he used to stand outside the show homes and look in the display mirror thinking no one would notice, he used to help Harold do the weekly cleaning.

    1. Yes I worked with a guy by the name of Lenny back about 1973 perhaps that was him. Dwane Henning

      Sent from my iPhone


  7. Hi There, I am trying to trackdown an old floor plan for a neeta home called “The new ann” of possibly “The new Anne” anyone have any suggestions how to do this?

      1. I kicked off with Neeta in Jan 1983, I do recall my friend mentioned the Anne or whatever, but wow this would have constructed in the 1978-1980 era, regards BD. 83-1990, Try a bloke John Russell at I think an agent in Epping or that area, I saw his profile and he’s pretty well connected with old Neeta homes things.

        1. The, Anne was one of the original homes built by Neeta, it was probably the top selling home for all the time Neeta was going I started with Neeta in 1970 and worked in sales till 1978 the homes were named after peoples wives who worked there. Thank you Dwane henning

              1. No he was originally a carpenter and then supervisor and estimator. Then at the end contracted for troubleshooting really the estimates the computer made but which didn’t fit the basic programmes and which computers at that that time struggled with. He lost a lot when the Company folded in unpaid money.

  8. Hey Bruce Davies… It’s John Laine. I used to work with you at Neeta around mid 80’s to 88 when I left to go to Hooker Housing group. Yes, Russell owed me thousands in Sales commission as well, however I was smart enough to keep photocopy records of the official Sales record book. I took him to court and he paid out on the steps of Fairfield courthouse. Felt good. Yes and old Jimmy Roche.. Remember the canny rogue really well. Taught me a lot .

    1. I wish I could have talked my Dad, Bruce Sanders, into doing the same thing but he was old and frail by then and couldn’t believe that Russell had done it to everyone. He meticulously kept all records so the information would have been there.I am very glad that at least one person was paid. Yrs Lynne Sanders.

    2. Hi John, I’m retired now but remember you well, some good times were had, Russell owed me nothing as a got the union in for unpaid com’s etc, all ended up well, made some good $$$$ at Hooker. Gave up R/E in 1994, burn out!!

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