2009 – the YEAR WOT WOZ.



Seems a long way back does January 2009. I spent a good deal of my time outdoors when I lived in Bilambil Cottage. I have ‘moved on’ for most of my adult life and had stripped possession back to a Charade load.

After 3-4 years, restlessness was upon me and a desire to move closer to children. I used to think that if I didn’t have ONE good clear reason for making a decision , then it was not going to be a good decision. Nowadays, I am inclined to think that if there is only ONE reason to change things, then that is NOT enough.

I had many reasons for deciding to move on from Bilambil Cottage and combined it with a slow farewelling. 


In the Murwillumbah Cemetery, just opposite the Printmakers Studio, I came across this odd little grave. Not sure what its story is.



I had also become accustomed in the 21st Century to being free to make my own decisions about my own lifestyle. Prior to that I was a single mother for years and I made the decisions for a family. To be making my choices, in cooperation with a partner is the new thing for me. Considering the wellbeing of each of us and BOTH of us. I hadn’t planned for this!

Izzy is a musician and much of his work. All of his work was based in the Northern Rivers.  He also was newer to the Tweed than I was and less ready to move on and he didn’t know the Mid North Coast that I was looking towards.


The floods began early this year and there’s been a good few . The first one I struck was on a drive to Wooyung. I had planned to show Wooyung to Izzy but when we turned from the Pacific Highway to take the road to the Coast, ROAD FLOODED.

Little warning. None on the radio. No evidence of water. Juts ROAD FLOODED.

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